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Friday faves

Friday faves

Helloooooo holidays! They came this year like WHAM! - beating me over the head right after Halloween! Pun intended. Wham! has one of my Christmas faves and I’m trying to get my kids to love it as much as I do!  

Winter has arrived where I live. We have had snow on the ground all week. It’s dark at 4:50 pm. This is no time for being outside after work and I am here for it! An excuse to skip the gym and curl up with the fam and a cup of tea? Yes please! I am all in for staying in and getting in touch with my inner Kevin McCallister.  

Here are my Friday Faves this week:  

Being cozy! 

I just have to decorate upstairs. It’s so fun to come down the hall and see this bed at the end of a long day. I get right in my Costco sweats and live my best homebody life.  


Clear turn tables

So this has nothing to do with the holidays but it is keeping me sane. Our cupboards were full of random medicines and stuff like that. Between the liquid ibuprofen you always need on hand when you have kids and our gazillion allergy medicines our cabinets were a disaster. About a year ago I invested in some clear turntables that I found online. 


Do I have enough lemon scented lotion? I love that stuff it smells like a lemon cupcake. You can probably find it at Target or it is on Amazon.

At least it is an organized mess. I can see what I need and get it it quickly instead of knocking down 48 Epi Pens trying to get a chapstick. I also put them in my bathroom cabinet to organize my makeup, contact lens situation, and all the other random stuff that seems to land there.  You can find them on Amazon here.

JCrew Factory Pants

Thesw pants! I love them.  


So cute right? They are stretchy; they come up NICE and HIGH. Like they cover the extra mom skin (FKA - “formerly known as” for you non lawyers or skip tracers - your baby’s cocoon) and are totally comfortable. I wear them to work once a week at least. More than a decade of lawyering means I have had a lot of terrible work pants, so many that I have an entire fleet of pencil skirts because I stayed away from pants for so long. These stretch and have real pockets and I love them. You can find them here.

When sizing from JCrew Factory, you may want to keep this in mind. I am between sizes and I always go up at JCrew Factory. I have never regretted it.



Feast your eyes on these puppies.  I am also wearing them in the first pants photo.


I love this new Halogen Atlantic-Pacific line from Nordstrom. I have another pair of shoes (seen above with the pearls) from this line and they are so comfortable and cute. I especially like the retro looking details because I am diving head first into mid-century modern right now. The entire line is adorable. You can find them at Nordstrom here.

PS - don’t forget to weather protect your suede shoes!


Fun winter-y shoes make me more excited to dress up over the holidays also. Let’s be honest, it takes a lot of will power to get out of my Costco sweats. That red retro looking skirt is kind of my jam for December. I got it a few years ago and I love how 1950’s retro it looks. I especially love to bring it up a notch with a crisp white shirt for work. I enjoy the contrast of a woman wearing retro “housewife” stuff while being her own boss in her own law practice.

Find limited-edition palettes, minis and more beauty gifts to give at NORDSTROM.

Seasonal tea  

Holiday tea is making my life right now. Herbal tea in the evening. I sound like an 85 year old British woman. There is nothing better than the end of the day, relaxing with a nice tv show or book, and just sipping on tea … except for maybe a glass of wine. But let’s be real I cannot drink wine every single night. Okay I totally can, but I realize that I should not.


I swear it tastes ten times better in a Christmas mug. Everything does.

Happy Friday friends! Enjoy my son, Cameron’s favorite Christmas song. He takes after his parents in his love for mash ups and 80’s medleys!

Cheers to the weekend! Can you even see me in this crazy holiday cammo? I blend right into my decor!

Mom hacks: surviving

Mom hacks: surviving