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Mom hacks: surviving

Mom hacks: surviving

It has been a while since I wrote about some good old Mom Hacks! The school year was kicking my tail feathers. (Nelly reference?) I am coming to grips with my life savers in this year 2018. You know, other than shopping online. 

1. Plan for the ENTIRE WEEK

I used to pick out clothes a night ahead and think I was killing it with my planning. I was so naive.  

There is this whole internet movement around weekly meal planning. I am here for it. I love planning. I mean, I get why we are focused on food, but why are we only focused on food. 

Guys. Weekly planning is living in 3018. Everyone is on board on Sunday and not in Monday meltdown city when you just want to use a single makeup wipe to clean your entire kitchen because you are already done giving F’s for the week. 

 Every Sunday, when I am still somewhat chipper around 3-4pm (as opposed to 8pm or later on a school night) I look at the weather for the week ahead and pick out clothes for the ENTIRE WEEK for BOTH KIDS. Yes this is quite Type A. But it has been amazing! I am never trying to remember what day it is or when gym is, or looking up the weather every single night. I know gym is Thursday and I look at the forecast one time and plan accordingly.  


Clothes lined up for the remainder of the week. No thinking required on week nights. I even pick out matching bows for my girl and put a rubber band on each one.  


It is so simple and it saves me so much time. And on Sunday at 3pm I still have the will to cook meals and prepare. I have benefitted so much from this that I now ... 

2. Pack the extra-curricular bags on Sundays


I can’t tell you how many times last year I was hustling a swimming bag together on a Tuesday morning between muffled curse words, spilled coffee, and bottled rage in a rush. Now I pack the whole darn thing on Sunday night (or even Thursday or Friday when I do the laundry) and swimming and dance nights are running smoothly over here.  

Again, Type-A all the way. But it really makes my life easier so if it helps one person it is worth it! 

Shop holiday party dresses in shimmering sequins and luminous metallics at NORDSTROM.

3. Shoe and clothing labels

Okay so I have blogged about these before a couple of times (original post) but they are so critical with kids. Even older kids! I use them for dance shoes too because my four year old seems to fling those things off in a crowded studio with wanton disregard for the market price of said shoes. You can find them here.


4. Make use of that chalk paint wall

Chalk paint walls went viral like a case of norovirus in a preschool. You probably have one in your house somewhere or at least know of someone who does. It’s fun to draw and decorate or let your kids go nuts and wonder what kind of drugs they are giving them at school, but they can actually be kind of practical.  

We wrote Cameron’s pre-K “sight words” on the chalkboard wall a few years ago. He loved it. He soaked those words right up and actually became an early reader. So this year when Madeline started bringing those little words home my homeboy, Cameron was excited to write them on the wall again for her to learn. (She of course, was one last time, so she has no memory of this.) 

Cam is a type-A, high achieving, crowd pleasing kind of kid so I wasn’t sure it would go over the same with Maddogg. I was surprised to find that she loves it! She feels special and important when she comes home with those couple of words every week. We spend some time going over them and she is really starting to pick some up! The best part is that when guests come over they actually spend some time helping her learn! Bonus for mom who is tired AF from doing all the things at work and home.  


And one Friday fave! 

Omg these poufs! They are inexpensive and at Target. I looooovvvve them!  


The one on the right looks a little pushed down but I rolled it over a few times on its side and it puffed right back up. I searched for ottoman style poufs online and there were some really expensive ones out there. For $50 each these are a great deal!

We are making the most out of first snowfalls, icy temperatures, and all the coziness. Christmas tree is going up this weekend! We always watch Home Alone while we put up the tree. I love the traditions we have with the kids.


Look at my sweet Ozzy! He thinks these throws are for him.

Happy weekend folks.

Friday faves

Friday faves

Friday faves

Friday faves