Hello, my name is Kate. 

I’m a busy mom and lawyer. My husband (also a lawyer) and I bought a house with "great bones" in an excellent school district. We are very happy to be raising our children here and we have a wonderful life. We wanted our house to match our style and our personalities.  

We have spent the last several years working on this house room by room on our own. We have full time jobs so we do most of our work on the weekends. We have no training in home improvement whatsoever and have learned everything as we have gone along. That being said, my husband is fairly handy and willing to take on a project when I start rambling about a room's potential. 

We have enlisted the help of a few generous family members to do some more difficult tasks, but zero professionals. (But for an electrician to help us when we lost an overhead light.) EDIT: We have now had the electricity wired to the double ovens we installed, and gas run to the cook top in the kitchen. We hired professionals for these tasks because we don't mess with electricity or gas.

 We are young (ish), we have some student loans, a mortgage, and we just cannot afford anything but the DIY way. That being said, we are very happy with our results thus far. 

Our DIY adventures inspired me to start this blog, but I have found myself sharing just regular "mom life" (parent life from a mother's perspective) hacks, recipes, and little tips and tricks that help us all through the week. We're all in this thing together, right?

I hope this blog inspires you to dip into DIY a little, make some yummy stuff, and share some of your "mom life" hacks. Feel free to leave a comment or follow me on social media!