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Fashion Friday: decorate yourself

Fashion Friday: decorate yourself

It's FRIDAY, the weather is breaking and Nordstrom is having a sale! Let's take a rest from serious life and talk about some fun stuff! I love to decorate and I feel like my many, many, many, many years of shopping experience prepared me to dress my house :) Imagine the resume I could put together with all of my shopping experience!


I have this awesome maxi dress I have been wearing all the time lately. I saw that it was on sale so I ordered a second in blue. The teal is probably my favorite though, but sadly it wasn't in my size.  It's just so easy to wear and comfortable. I am always trying to find clothes that feel like pajamas and somehow manage to look nice.  I like that I can dress it up or down.  I have worn it with wedges and jewelry, but also with my chucks and a scarf and sweater. 


Last year I got these shorts and I wore them almost every day. They are so comfortable and stretchy and easy to wear. I pulled them out when we went to Vegas and I was instantly happy I had them back on.

 I was annoyed with myself that I didn’t buy a "back up" pair last year, but I saw that they have something similar in this season! I ordered a pair right away. They are perfect for running around in the summer with my kids. I remember that they looked super short online but when they came they were perfect (and I have a booty!) I am not trying to scandalize anyone on the playground or in Target with shorts that are too short.  I am sometimes between sizes and I did order up. My butt-hugging-booty days are over. 

I tried them on and I am going to keep them, but therein lies the golden goose of online shopping at Nordstrom. They ship for free and you can take anything back. I swear I haven't stepped foot inside a mall other than to see Santa Claus in years. 

These shorts are just perfect for running around in summer. Disregard my work sweater and necklace! 


If you saw my insta this week you know I am kind of obsessed with pink and navy as a color combo. Fun (pink), yet classy and preppy (navy blue). I dressed Madeline and myself in the same colors and I didn't even realize our twinning status until I was slamming coffee (and a few girl scout cookies!) and running out the door this morning. 

Pink and navy are so cute together! 


My other current obsession is this OPI No Turning Back From Pink Street nail polish. I wrote about the Infinite Shine kind of polish in a Mom Hack post. I saw this color and I knew it was meant to be. It is the perfect bright pink. 


I have been loving the trend of ruffled sleeves and ruffled hems. I like how a ruffle adds a little extra style and a feminine touch to a plain shirt. I noticed that Nordstrom has one of my favorite shirts back in stock in a bunch of fun colors. I got it in pink last year and I love it. It was fun to wear all throughout spring and summer. I also ordered it in black to wear in the winter or to work. I wore it this week! It’s slightly on the casual side for a lawyer but I wear it on days when I don’t need to be in a suit.  

Oh, and of course I am wearing pink pants in the last photo. I cannot stop the pink this week. I am in the mood for spring and the midwest cold and rain will not hold me back. 

I am also bringing out the pink and other spring colors around my house to lighten the mood and to celebrate the change of season! Have a fun weekend and think spring and sunshine! 

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